Gweek podcast episode 025: Michael Kupperman


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  1. JimmyShockTreatment says:

    I’m subscribed to Gweek via Downcast on my iPad. I didn’t get last week’s or this week’s episodes. Still having rss problems?

  2. Just_Ok says:

    Thanks alot. That extra “l” in “following”[sic] counts against my bandwidth cap.

  3. Hal Greene says:

    FWIW, if you wait a couple of weeks, I have been experimenting with standup desks for over a year and I think I am about to achieve standup desk nirvana with the next iteration, which is being custom-built for me. I have become a standup desk convert for sure. I wanted to send you a pic of my current jury-rigged setup but I haven’t been able to figure out how to send you email. Twitter?

  4. Jim Saul says:

    Very interesting show.  I’m realizing how that I somehow, improbably, had Esther Williams and Hedy Lamarr mixed up, and I thought the syncro-swimmer was the one who had radar patents.

    So the next productivity hack after standing desks is going to be head-down on an inclined plane, clamped to the top by our toes?  I guess it’s always good advice to make sure you get plenty of water throughout the day.

  5. lavardera says:

    Not sure if you are abandoning the standing work position, or just looking for a more permanent solution? There are some products on the market that are meant for this. Example: ArchiMeda desk by Vitra lets you adjust from sitting to standing height really easily:
    its a nice looking table desk to boot.

  6. Stefan Jones says:

    Cul de Sac is a very cute strip, with some interesting and insightful “real kid behavior.” I look forward to that discussion / review.

  7. nosehat says:

    Michael Kupperman’s work is awesome.  Thanks for the interview!

  8. Brandon Kruse says:

    Excellent show! Re:standing desks — years ago, before everyone went to Cintiqs, some animation studios had hydraulic animation desks that were just awesome. Large, super heavy-duty, and probably prohibitively expensive, but those are ones I dream about picking up (if they haven’t all been trashed). You’re in Studio City; I know Warner TV animation used to use them, maybe they’ve got a few sitting around?

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