Multitool cigarette case, 1933

Ah, the good old days, when it was de rigeur to stick a knife-blade onto every single object one carried, back before the era of aviation confiscation totum:

Eight distinct purposes are served by the versatile pocket case, illustrated above. A cigarette compartment occupies the center, supplemented by a concealed writing tablet, a telescoping pencil, and a stamp container. In addition the case contains a five-inch rule, a lighter, a pocket knife, and a watch. The entire outfit folds flat into small enough space to fit the palm of the hand and is so small that it can easily be slipped into your vest pocket exactly as an ordinary cardcase is carried.



  1. If they had the foresight to include a smartphone, I bet they would have cornered the market.  

    That said, the stamp dispenser was a brilliant touch, regardless.

  2. The ninth purpose can be summed up as ” Professor Plum, in the Conservatory with the Pocket Case.”

  3. These were the smartphones of the day I guess….

    …and now I’m imagining an alternate universe where my smartphone came with a built in cigarette case and lighter. So sophisticated!

  4. I love that these can be carried “exactly like an ordinary card case is carried”.   Seems bigger than a business card case, but I can’t imagine that playing card cases were that widely carried.  I probably outa shut my pie hole.

  5. Three thoughts come to mind:
    1) Failure with any two of these features would make it worthless to carry. 2) Why do I get the feeling that this was advertised in the ‘Finger Hut’ catalog of its day.
    3) It wound up in a lot of scrap metal recycling during 1943.

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