Multitool cigarette case, 1933


11 Responses to “Multitool cigarette case, 1933”

  1. lknope says:

    Interesting choice to advertise this using a disembodied hand.

  2. voiceinthedistance says:

    If they had the foresight to include a smartphone, I bet they would have cornered the market.  

    That said, the stamp dispenser was a brilliant touch, regardless.

  3. John Finlay says:

    This looks bigger than the biggest cigarette case.

  4. Rich Keller says:

    The ninth purpose can be summed up as ” Professor Plum, in the Conservatory with the Pocket Case.”

  5. Michael Polo says:

    These were the smartphones of the day I guess….

    …and now I’m imagining an alternate universe where my smartphone came with a built in cigarette case and lighter. So sophisticated!

  6. bolamig says:

    I love that these can be carried “exactly like an ordinary card case is carried”.   Seems bigger than a business card case, but I can’t imagine that playing card cases were that widely carried.  I probably outa shut my pie hole.

  7. Guest says:

    And it can spit out pre-lit cigarettes at the press of a button!

    (Hopefully, not while in your pocket.)

  8. parker_vmg3 says:

    the american version has a gun in it.

  9. MichaelnotTChristian says:

    Nintendo Dsi????

  10. Phoenix Lomax says:

    I don’t care how big it is, I want one immediately.

  11. stuck411 says:

    Three thoughts come to mind:
    1) Failure with any two of these features would make it worthless to carry. 2) Why do I get the feeling that this was advertised in the ‘Finger Hut’ catalog of its day.
    3) It wound up in a lot of scrap metal recycling during 1943.

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