ACLU's public records request about Oakland police's use of force against OWS is refused

The American Civil Liberties Union has asked the Oakland Police Department for information about what happened during incidents of excessive force against Occupy Oakland demonstrators. "The department is refusing to hand over information about what really happened," the ACLU reports.


  1. I keep hoping that eventually the OPD will have a moment of serious self-reflection after realizing that police departments in pretty much every other major city in America (and many beyond) are dealing with exactly the same kind of protest without resorting to tear gas and rubber bullets.

  2. Y’know, I could certainly use the money. Time to go down to Oakland and get myself trapped in the middle of some police abuse. I’ll be set for life when the lawsuit finally finishes!

    Wait, that’s assuming I survive getting shot by “non-lethal” ammunition for… no apparent reason. Maybe I’ll stay in Canada.

  3. American citizens planning a future visit to the People’s Republic of Oakland are advised to contact their nearest Oakland consulate for information regarding the autocratic micronation’s laws and customs, in order to best avoid being summarily beaten by local law enforcement. The request will of course be denied, but it’s just good manners to inquire. They appreciate being given notice to lay in wait for you with batons in hand.

    1. Oakland asks that you leave all weapons, masks, and expectations of consistency or fairness at home before visiting. Sincerely, Oakland Civil Protection.

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