Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz

Quinn Norton has a definitive introduction to Anonymous up at's Threat Level today. It's a must-read. Quinn was on the NPR radio program Morning Edition today to talk about her research. It's a great segment, but I was disappointed to hear the host echo what may be falsehoods by repeating the "Anonymous takes on the Mexican Drug Cartels" headline without addressing the layers of smoke and mirror beneath. Quinn could have capably done that herself, of course; if they let her address it during the interview, that didn't make it to the final cut. (Solution, ATC? Bring her back on!)


  1. Tired of these anonymous articles. Anonymous can mean anything and nothing since it’s based on little more than a whim.

    Love the “The lulz (a corruption of LOL, online shorthand for laugh out loud)” line though since it’s a direct rip from an absurd news report which reinvigorated the lulz meme. An article that mentions how the media is confused by Anon is shown to be itself confused by Anon.

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