Boyett's Mortality Bridge: Rock n' roll Dante meets Orpheus


6 Responses to “Boyett's Mortality Bridge: Rock n' roll Dante meets Orpheus”

  1. Tom Tjarks says:

    You’ve confused Elegy Beach and Mortality Bridge in the first few paragraphs.  you started calling it Mortality Beach.

  2. Brian Cain says:

    So great that Steven has gotten his writing groove back!

  3. irksome says:

    Regardless of their genre or content, I’m just happy as a pig in shit that you folks at the Boingboings review BOOKS.


  4. Mary Sue says:

    This book is a damn good story, and I would have appreciated it more except that it is also an extremely, graphically violent story. I’m the kind of person who thinks Kill Bill should have had a little more blood and a couple more severed limbs, so for me to say the depictions of torture in this novel were at times personally off-putting is something.

    YMMV, of course, I just wish I’d known before I dove in how bad the violence was going to be.

  5. Hollando says:

    yes, but when are we going to see the sequel to The Architect of Sleep?

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