Green army man costume

Harrison Jones created this fabulous green army man costume (which included a coating of green latex paint on his skin, yowch, suffer for your art!), and worked a full shift at a grocery store while so attired:

Harrison started by picking out the perfect green tarp, then taking it to the hardware store and having them color match a quart of semi-gloss interior latex paint. He then painted the air soft helmet, boots, and gun with several coats of the green paint. Next, he cut out cardboard in an oval shape, painted it green, and used duct tape in a loop to stick to his boots.

As for the uniform, he picked out a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of pants he was willing to sacrifice, and cut them both along the seams. Harrison then spread the chopped shirt and pants out on the tarp, pinned them to the tarp, and cut around the fabric, leaving about a half inch of extra tarp (the sleeves were done separately). He used duct tape to “sew” the tarp back together, leaving half of the tape’s sticky side exposed and putting it on the inside of the seam, and then connecting the matching part of the tarp, adjusting to the right fit.

Rad Green Army Man Costume


    1. I don’t think so. It looks like an approximation (a toy or costume prop) of a modern US GI helmet.


      Awesome. I’m Looking at It

  1. I saw a trio of people at this past weekend’s Supanova in Brisbane, Australia who did this schtick, though they carried their bases with them. Throw rugs I think.

  2. 8/10. As noted the two-piece base sets the new standard, and this gentlemen should be apprenticing on Saville Row, not working in a grocery store. But robbed of perfection by the inappropriate weapon and helmet. The standard is 50’s Korea, by the way, not 40’s  WW2.

  3. I can’t read the link at the bottom of the post without seeing “Red Green Army Man Costume”. The duct tape is fitting.

  4. And I notice that he’s emulating the classic 12inch GI Joe pistol/kung-fu grip hand postions. Subtle and brilliant.

  5. I hope nobody tries to set him on fire.

    I think that was the fate of many of my green army men when I outgrew playing with them as a kid.

    I’m not sure how normal that is.

    1. completely normal. Fire, magnifying glass, microwave (sorry mom), lawn mower (sorry dad), or worst of all… buried alive.

  6. It WOULD be awesome to have a friend “chasing” him with a giant magnifying glass. That should win a few contests!

  7. Hmm yes. And his lace-pattern on the boots are not actually the authentic WWII style. The styles of military dress are definitely lacking in authenticity. Oh for God’s sake guys. How about just admiring his craftsmanship in creating this illusion. There really is no need to be pedantic. 

    1. There’s never a NEED to be pedantic, it’s just one of the many services we offer for free!

  8. I wish someone would do a costume for the worst army guy ever, the landmine tracking guy. Or maybe the walkie talkie guy.

  9. he worked a full shift clothed entirely in waterproof tarp?  it’s a wonder he didn’t sweat off that latex paint.  awesome, awesome costume [ahem, I mean “rad” :) ] but you couldn’t pay me to wear it while working indoors.

    lends credence to the old adage:  “if you can’t duck it–fuck it”

  10. Yeah,  I shop at that market and it’s totally awesome!  Andy’s Market in Sebastopol, California FTW!

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