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The black-and-white spotted "Dalmatian" horses depicted in some prehistoric European cave art may have actually existed. (Via Steve Silberman)


  1. I’m missing something. Given that we have contemporary illustrations of a plausible-looking animal, was there some reason to doubt that it actually existed?

    1. I’m frankly shocked to know that we have genetic samples from the portraits of  (extinct?) horses/horse-like creatures.
      What’s next? Will the “government” tell us that there’s no alien life?

  2. Three mini-rants:

     1 – How come I’ve never been able to locate large photographs of prehistoric cave art? For that matter, why is the local cinema only showing Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams when I’m at work?

     2 – Why do most news (paper) sites only ever have small, tiny miniscule images?

     3 – Why am I eating my own hand?

     Can anyone recommend a book with large (full page) images of European prehistoric cave art?

      1. Well that was disappointingly low resolution!

        to @google-92cfb38255848c044272d1ed305ea472:disqus though, call in sick to see the Herzog film, it’s excellent. I wasn’t able to see it in 3D (which I hear is unusually worthwhile) but even in 2D it was really fascinating (as Herzog films usually are).

        I suspect it will still be fascinating on blu-ray and a fairly large TV, of course, if you don’t want to skip work :)

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