Philippe P. Dauman, CEO of Viacom, led the executive compensation raise chart this year with a $50.5 million raise that brought his total annual compensation up to $84.5 (much of the 148.6% raise came in the form of stock options). Meanwhile, Viacom continues to argue that it is in danger of capsizing unless radical changes are made, starting with taking away the right to privately share videos of our personal lives on YouTube.

8 Responses to “"Piracy-stricken" Viacom CEO tops pay-raise charts”

  1. Guest says:

    I think you may have located the pirates.

  2. trefecta says:

    Fun Fact: “Orbis Non Sufficit” , besides being James Bond’s Family Coat-of-Arms, is also Mr. Dauman’s tramp stamp.

  3. Anne Noise says:

    Radical changes like… paying your CEO less?

  4. gochet says:

    And no one can figure out why people are protesting CEO compensation?

  5. digi_owl says:

    Seems the only option left is the french one…

  6. Jesseham says:

    This is the kind of shenanigan that fueled the Occupy movement initially.  Too bad it appears to have mostly fallen off task.

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