Authorities say a pre-dawn search at an Acapulco prison led to the discovery of two peacocks, 100 fighting cocks, two big bags of pot and 19 prostitutes within the prison. Oh, and dozens of recent-model plasma televisions, several bottles of alcohol (LOL: "several"), and lots and lots of knives. A government spokesperson would not say how the sex workers, birds and contraband got into the prison. He referred to the peacocks as "pets".

15 Responses to “Prostitutes, pot, pet peacocks, and plasma TVs found in Mexico prison raid”

  1. Brainspore says:

    As horrific and abusive as it would surely be, a small part of me kind of wants to see a peacock fight. It’s like regular cockfighting, but gaudier!

  2. Teirhan says:

    Except for the knives, that sounds substantially more fun than my freshman dorm at college did. 

  3. querent says:

    Sounds more like Owl Farm than a Mexican prison.

  4. Avram Grumer says:

    Couldn’t the “several bottles of alcohol” be “potent potables”? 

  5. Timothy Reeves says:

    C’mon! There’s no synonym for knives that starts with ‘p’?

  6. Robert Cruickshank says:

    No ping-pong balls?  No porn? 

  7. OldManPreviews says:


  8. thezarray says:

    Yes, but did they find my car keys?

  9. MrBillWest says:

    “Oddly, the operation uncovered no kitchen sink.”

  10. artaxerxes says:

    Shoot, a feller could have a purty good time in Vegas with all that!

  11. MrEricSir says:

    Peacocks? Someone must have been taking the Mystery Method a bit too literally.

  12. benher says:

    Pot Peacocks? 

  13. Cerdo Merol says:

    Penitentiary: police, prisoners, pot, poon, porn, plus pet peacocks… Perfect prison party!

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