Prostitutes, pot, pet peacocks, and plasma TVs found in Mexico prison raid


15 Responses to “Prostitutes, pot, pet peacocks, and plasma TVs found in Mexico prison raid”

  1. Brainspore says:

    As horrific and abusive as it would surely be, a small part of me kind of wants to see a peacock fight. It’s like regular cockfighting, but gaudier!

  2. Teirhan says:

    Except for the knives, that sounds substantially more fun than my freshman dorm at college did. 

  3. querent says:

    Sounds more like Owl Farm than a Mexican prison.

  4. Avram Grumer says:

    Couldn’t the “several bottles of alcohol” be “potent potables”? 

  5. Timothy Reeves says:

    C’mon! There’s no synonym for knives that starts with ‘p’?

  6. Robert Cruickshank says:

    No ping-pong balls?  No porn? 

  7. OldManPreviews says:


  8. thezarray says:

    Yes, but did they find my car keys?

  9. MrBillWest says:

    “Oddly, the operation uncovered no kitchen sink.”

  10. artaxerxes says:

    Shoot, a feller could have a purty good time in Vegas with all that!

  11. MrEricSir says:

    Peacocks? Someone must have been taking the Mystery Method a bit too literally.

  12. benher says:

    Pot Peacocks? 

  13. Cerdo Merol says:

    Penitentiary: police, prisoners, pot, poon, porn, plus pet peacocks… Perfect prison party!

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