Researchers to build Babbage Analytical Engine


15 Responses to “Researchers to build Babbage Analytical Engine”

  1. Nadreck says:

    A nice design but  can’t we add a few more features while we’re building it?

  2. Peter L Borst says:

    philisopher = philistine with an advanced degree?

  3. Anne Onimos says:

    “…Analytical Engine, which he dreamed up a hundred years ago…”?  Not unless he dreamed after dying. 

  4. mtdna says:

    I wonder how Steve Jobs would have introduced it?

    “And  one more thing. It’s made entirely of metal. No more wood, with its annoying creaking and flammability. Metal, with retina-resolution ivory dials.”

  5. Adnan Ahmad says:

    One step closer to the Solar Union?
    (Ken Macleod reference)

  6. Can I toot my own horn here? Granted, I’m just one guy who has to work for a living…

  7. TimHaynes says:

    That diagram reminds me of the Mandelbrot Set.

  8. Jenonymous says:

    But where are they going to get Solominic gold for the punchcards?  <—-Anathem reference, if  you didn't get it, Google it and then read the book, it's worth it!

  9. Jenonymous says:

    Okay, stupid commenting system won’t let me edit my comment.  CRYPTONOMICON reference not Anathem.  Sheesh.

  10. Larry says:

    So what’s th OS?…. Ye Olde Fortran?

  11. mwm8180 says:

    didn’t they do this already?

  12. AA says:

    OK…this is where linux starts showing its limitations…

  13. spidley says:

    @mwm8180 no, that’s his Difference Engine, basically a calculator.  The Analytical Engine is a true computer.

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