Berlusconi Bye Bye?


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  1. Strato Head says:

    here’s hoping.

  2. alrom says:

    What I find very scary about this story is that it’s not the italian people who are going to kick out Berlusconi from the government: it’s ‘market forces’.

  3. strangefriend says:

    Austerity is the wrong policy for Europe & Italy.  What works is Stimulus, if you remember your Keynesian theory, IE, a helicopter drop of billions of euros over Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland.

    • Stooge says:

      Doing exactly that is what got Italy and Greece into this situation.

      • strangefriend says:

        But the solution is  still spending billions more to stimulate the economy, not austerity.  Austerity will only cause Greece & Italy to crash into a depression.  Which doesn’t mean you can get away with not re-paying  the debt.  WW2 spending ended the US depression, & that debt was repaid in the 50s & 60s.  We were able to repay it because the US economy was running full bore, due to the stimulus of the 40s.

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    Before he resigns he wants an immunity deal, a harem, and safe passage to Minas Morgul.

  5. eltiki says:

    I wonder if the this is the Black Swan of the global economy. The Guardian posted an apt comment: Italy is too big to bail. In Rome today the mood was apocalyptic, not because of the prospect of Berlusconi’s departure (I’ll believe it when I see it), but the rapid deterioration of the system. I don’t know if the situation can be saved or fixed–and ultimately if this is how the global empire ends because of the domino effect it could have on the banking system. It would be quite ironic, really. I pass by the Colosseum every day thinking about the various empires and political systems that have come and gone in Rome’s 3,000 year history. But this one might really be it. At least they had a steady and predictable climate to rebuild with. Sorry to be so down, but things look pretty bad over here.

  6. John Stephens says:

    Before anyone gets too excited, ask yourself if whoever replaces him will be any better.

  7. Mantissa128 says:

    Of course he’ll go. It’s not like he’s a dictator interested in perpetuating his own power or anything.

    Seriously though, it will give him more time to party.

  8. caipirina says:

    He reminds me of my 7 year old son … makes a huge mess in his room, then steps out and hopes someone else comes cleaning it up … and when that is underway, he shows up again … 

    I doubt we are done with Mr. Bunga Bunga yet. He / his party was briefly out of power in 2005 (if memory serves) .. but that lasted only 11 months or so … 

    What maddens me … with all that he has done, why is that guy not in prison??? Had I boinked a 17 year old in Italy, they would surely come after me …  He will have a nice ‘retirement’ with 11 hooker’s lined up in a good night … 

    • TheMudshark says:

      Exactly. This fucking crook manages to stay in power until the country goes completely to shit and will suffer not the slightest consequences for it. That he was allowed to take it this far already is proof for the complete lack of dignity that is granted to the people of Italy. They are powerless to do anything but pick up the rubble left by this insane whoremongering criminal while he continues partying with his mafia cronies.

      And hey, over here in Austria politics are just as corrupt, it´s just not as concentrated on a single person or as openly visible.

  9. jonjonz says:

    Odious debt.  The money they borrowed is fictitious.  It never existed to begin with.  It is all a con.  A fixed shell game.  Its time to call the 1% on these crappy scams and put an end to the out right theft of our world. 

    Buy Local.

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