Call Me Hope

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Genius work from Joe Sabia, for the nonprofit Mama Hope.

This is the second video in Mama Hope's "Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential" campaign. This video campaign is about telling the story of connection instead of contrast and potential instead of poverty. Directed by Joe Sabia and Bryce Yukio Adolphson. Shot and Edited by Bryce Yukio Adolphson. Sound Mix by Matt McCorkle. Produced by Nyla Rodgers.

The video is something of an homage and re-singing of Paul Simon's "Call Me Al," off the album Graceland.

Frequent fliers on Virgin America who watch our in-flight Boing Boing television channel on the airline, and regular readers of this blog, will also recall another great video Joe Sabia did with Mama Hope: "Alex Teaches Commando." If you missed it before, you need to watch it now.


    1. Yeah, there’s something about that base sound, and that deep toned vocal in “bone-digger” that just light me up.

      I’m already listening to that album again, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo is queued up.

      Though I did skip ahead to Diamonds.

  1. the video on the front page is of oscar the dog doing a handstand while peeing. just thought i should bring that up, in case no one noticed.

  2. Joyous!

    That first high five was like the sun breaking through years-old storm clouds.

    The weary weight of pessimism has got to be thrown off.  Just because the world is ruled by sullen 75-year-olds with bowling-ball prostates is no reason everything has to smell of resentment.

    Thanks for the reminder of that!

    1. That first high five was Cameron Sinclair, co-founder and CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) of Architecture of Humanity, which is rebuilding Japan, Haiti, Christchurch NZ, New Orleans, Pakistan and communities around the world in over 31 countries. Nyla Rodgers called on her friends in Summit Series, entrepreneurs, founders and world changers and everyone got together to get it done, including their kids.

      Amazing and inspiring even in the coming together on this side, just as they do it in Africa. Mama Hope has helped over 76,000 people in Africa. I am a huge fan. You also have to see the first video and the vid, talking about how Nyla’s mother’s passing led her to Africa to help people. It will make you a big fan too. Love, love these people!

      1. Wow.  Learning that adds so much more context to an already inspiring piece.

        These are the kind of people I think of when I hear the term “best and brightest”, not the self-promoting cons on Wall Street.

        Thanks for the insight.

  3. Made me smile several times while watching! Bravo!

    Graceland was a ground-breaking fusion of Western and African sounds – very apropos to use a track from that album for a spot like this.

  4. Absolutely WONDROUS!   Thanks for this – I can’t wait to share.

    ETA – I’ve watched this several times now, and each time I discover a new connection between the panels; the director&team did a really good job.

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