Possum eating strawberries (video)

Opossumnomnomnomnom. [Video Link, thanks Antinous!]


  1. Yeah. . .  and the video promised that the ‘possum would eat some animal advocates too.

    What a ripoff.

  2. The Practical Opossum series  at http://www.youtube.com/user/MEpearlA will show you the proper way to feed, massage, pedicure, and “send off” your opossum.

  3. That’s just about the cutest opossum I’ve ever seen.

    Mind you,  I usually see them lying by the side of the road with the daylight in their eyes, so anything is a bit of an improvement over that.

  4. These things are some of the most vile looking animals ever. I once had to help my Bro-In-Law clear a dead one from his backyard during the winter. YUCK.

  5. That must be the Marilyn Monroe of opossums.  I sincerely hope that this video doesn’t result in any Hollywood socialites being tricked into buying one of these for a purse companion.

  6. I can almost hear it going NOM NOM NOM

    Maybe strawberries grow in highway median strips?  That would explain a lot.

  7. Aw, super cute!  One summer we had a possum about this size who was a visitor almost every night.  He would come in with the cat and they would hang out together in the living room while we watched tv.  Ate off the same plate and everything, and would sit and scratch and generally act like buddies.  I would run him out before we went to bed and he quit coming around when he got bigger but when they’re this size they are really nice.  I never tried to pet him or anything.

  8. Opossums are omnivorous – they’ll eat almost anything.  The ones that hang out in my backyard garden seem to be especially fond of snails and slugs, so I’m always happy to see them.

    On a summer’s evening, with the windows open, they make the cutest little crunch-crunch-crunch noises as they tuck into an order of escargot-on-the-hoof.

  9. I was kinda intrigued that this was gonna be some kind of Triffid-like strain of Strawberry.

    Surely the headline should have been “Strawberry eating Possum” ???

  10. If you turn the volume up, you can hear him smacking on the snackies.

    I remember back when I used to smoke, standing outside one summer night with a cigarette. I heard some light rustling nearby, which I could dimly see was a young possum walking toward me. I watched him approach for a couple of seconds, then very quietly made a little whistling sound like “hi ho.” The possum immediately froze in place, then slowly raised his head to look up at me. When he saw me, I whispered, “hello.” He lowered his head, slowly turned around and slowwwly walked away, picking up pace as he went until he was all-out running and disappearing in the treeline.

    They’re funny little animals. I hear they’re domesticated very easily, too, and make decent pets if you’re into the whole “primitive marsupial” thing.

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