SF in SF this Saturday: Kim Stanley Robinson and Ceclia Holland

The next installment of the always-awesome SF-in-SF reading series features two exceptional writers: Kim Stanley Robinson and Ceclia Holland (check out previous mentions of Robinson here). It's on Sat, Nov 12, doors open at 6PM, event starts at 7, and, as always, the authors will be interviewed by the estimable Terry Bisson. Free, suggested donation $5-10 (benefits Variety Children's Charity). The Variety Preview Room Theatre, 582 Market Street @ 2nd and Montgomery.


  1. Curse my lack of living in SF. I’m actually rereading the Mars trilogy right now, after having read the Years of Rice and Salt (holy crap, what a book,) and he just blows me away. No other writers, in genre or in “the canon” gives me such a profound sensation of place (maybe Capote) or of being so completely in love with his characters. There’s none of the fetishistic or smirking techno-flash of other hard science fiction writers- just a drink from the firehouse of the wide open spaces of the future.

  2. KSR interviewed by Terry Bisson?  I’m dyain’!!!!!!

    Podcast, podcast, podcast! 

    (I know sometimes stuff gets posted to Archive.org, but it’s haphazard and not a true podcasting RSS feed.  I’d love for the SF in SF to start feeding.)

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