Man shot near Occupy Oakland

Near the Occupy Oakland site in downtown Oakland, CA, a man was shot tonight in an incident protesters say was unrelated to the protest. An eyewitness account is here.


  1. In Burlington VT, there was a shooting (perhaps self-inflicted?) at the Occupy camp, which has turned the otherwise placid protest a bit more contentious…

  2. Oakland has a lot of shootings all the time. The neighborhood where the camps are is not exactly the best, either. I used to live just a few blocks from there, and part of the cost of having a car and no off-street parking was replacing windows that got broken out every couple of months. The fact that there is crime in or around the Occupy encampment is not news. 

    I’d be interested to see the crime stats for the area last year, six months ago, three months ago, and then since the beginning of the encampment. Perhaps the real news is hidden in those stats. Perhaps…

    1. I came here to say basically what you said about crime in Oakland. But you make a good point about checking the crime stats. I’d like to see if Occupy Oakland has flushed some of the dregs out of their area, however temporarily.

  3. Unfortunately this has become a fatal shooting. Authorities are asking anyone with videos of photos of the incident to help identify what happened.

  4. The media is tying the murder to the Occupiers, clever that. And quick. Of course, reports completely ignore the fact that shootings like this are almost daily occurrences in Oakland. And they have been for years.

    But the spin has begun.

  5. Unless things have improved a lot in Oakland since I left the Bay Area then a single shooting in a largish area during a multi-week  period is a miracle. Not of commission but of omission. Shootings in Oakland are about as uncommon as flatulence after an all-you-can-eat bean dinner.

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