Post-modern, paleontological art


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  1. bibulb says:

    I was expecting a Lichtenstein-esque “Og thought her kisses divine!” cave painting. 

  2. Wally Ballou says:

    Holy moly, these are fantastic.  Thanks for the post Maggie.

  3. mesocosm says:

    Proper usage is “Postmodern,” FWIW.

  4. kairos says:

    It is written that such creatures can be found in Tlön, where it is speculated (perhaps vacuously) that they are the creation of a mad poet-naturalist, who alone has discovered the art of creating living hronir.

  5. Deike Pintat says:

    Check out the work of Jan Svankmajer! He builds totally surreal and creepy creatures out of bones, feather, shells, whatever and displays them as classic wunderkammers / “natural history cabinets” including latin classifications. I saw his exhibition in Vienna and still mourn the lack of a proper catalogue there.

  6. Killian Skarr says:

    I love it! Michael Bahl’s art is a brilliant example of allowing the imagination to run wild, yet filtering it through the constraints of believable organic structures and cultural milieu. It is whimsical too in the way that it caricatures and stylizes not only the structure of organisms but also the institution of science.
    Actually his work is of particular interest to me as I’ve been engaged in a coincidentally similar pursuit for nearly 7 years now. Perhaps we are both tapped into the zeitgeist. You’ll never see my artwork on boingboing though because the artifacts that I produce are not fossils but functioning primitive torture devices. I don’t know why, but that tends to make people uneasy…

  7. Oh, the griffin is really magical! thanks!

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