Report: "No proof" man killed in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico was social media user


6 Responses to “Report: "No proof" man killed in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico was social media user”

  1. DataShade says:

    Narcoterro policing is reaching a level of tragic comedy.  “If you wanna get away with murder, all you gotta do is shoot somebody in the head and put a demo tape in their pocket.  ‘This is a rap killing – let’s go home.’”

  2. Lobster says:

    I’m glad they confirmed this, because clearly this is the most important part of this story.  Another example of their stellar work: Victim of quadruple dismembering did not like egg salad.

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      Actually this is a very important part of how the story is spreading, and a very important central fact in the crime. But I think you knew that, and are trolling.

      • Lobster says:

        I do know that Xeni, but please, I am not trolling.  I’m being a wise-ass.  There is a difference, even though “troll” seems to be the default way to insult someone who rubs one the wrong way for any particular reason.

        • Xeni Jardin says:

          You’re being an off-topic wise-ass, and that falls under the definition of troll. Someone seeking attention in a negative way, without adding to the conversation in any meaningful way.

  3. OT: This scares me still as it may have implications real close to home if  Forbes is to be trusted…

    OffTopic:  I think trolling needs a secondary definition of positive connotation for those like me who claim the title with some pride. There a valid holistic uses, particularly of assessing motive by seeming to shift topic to dismantle a “classic” troll  as I have been doing aggressively with success in websites affiliated with our local Occupy.  Been thinking this a while and there’s never an on-topic for troll’s rights.

    OT: Buncombe County is tense but in denial among local GA.  Story washed over too easily… is this discussed on BB  somewhere else? Inbox overload today and rushing the webz.

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