Quack upside-down hammock gadget, 1920s

This 1920s ad for a Molby "revolving hammock" promises to "make your spine young" and give you "a full chest and a small waist."

My cup runneth over - with poorly named products!


    1. He’s running a company based on the “accidental discovery” that backbends treat low back pain? I think that’s been known since we were hobnobbing with the Neanderthals.

  1. Imagine if every stoner actually marketed the ideas he had while lying around stoned, instead of just saying “wouldn’t it be rad if there was a hammock that…”   The world would be lousy with stuff like this.

  2. Whenever I get the revolving hammock spinal treatment at the Sanitarium in Battle Creek, I’m not sure whether to reward myself afterwards with a coffee enema or yogurt enema.

  3. Yes, yes. The support limbs, when driven by a small motor or pedal-powered system, would pull apart, then retract together relatively quickly, whirling the patient like a thaumatrope. It was thought that this would not only ease back problems, but digestive irregularities, as well. Usually while spinning.

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