Trial of Byron Sonne, security researcher jailed for publicizing flaws in Toronto G20 security


10 Responses to “Trial of Byron Sonne, security researcher jailed for publicizing flaws in Toronto G20 security”

  1. What’s the name of that song…?

    Ah, yes.

    “Fuck tha police!”

  2. Just_Ok says:

    jaywalking is a gateway crime

  3. Guest says:

    mischief not committed?

    Like Jaywalking?! Or ‘rusing’ the citizenry?!

    • Nadreck says:

      It’s another one of our Canadian Thought Crime laws.  It’s illegal to make people think bad thoughts even if they don’t do anything about them.

      • Guest says:

        Can the police be charged with mischief not committed, if they were to conspire to purpotrate a ruse upon a citizen? Surely only one of them violated his rights, but as certainly, the other two did “not commit” the very same act but conspired to violate his rights.

  4. liquidstar says:

    So, if I read this right, ultimately they seized his possessions for a “jaywalking” offense that never occurred?  Am I reading this correctly?  Also,  is he in fact an anarchist?  Seems like the whole issue of photographing the fence is entirely lost in the proceedings. 

  5. crnk says:

    From the story–it sounds like almost all evidence is either currently inadmissible or will be shortly? 
    What are Canada’s civil torts against police/government for violations of rights?  Are they as strong as in the US?  If so, this seems like an open and shut multimillion dollar settlement for what they’ve done to him–not just the acts but the fallout from it too. 
    If I were the Toronto police, I’d be shitting bricks faster than Oakland’s PD is right now.

  6. anonymoose says:

    ‘Peace, order and bad government.’

  7. Ryan Dobie-Watt says:

    Oh, Canada…

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