4th Annual Machinima Expo: Saturday & Sunday, November 19th & 20th


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  1. blorgggg says:

    If people want to learn to make their own machinima, they should check out great tools like the successfully kickstarter funded MovieSandbox ( http://moviesandbox.net )

    He’s got guides for hooking up kinects and arduino powered puppets. It’s the best!

    • Ricky Grove says:

      Yep, Friedrich Kirschner, is a friend of the Expo and served as our Juror last year. We follow his work closely and recommend. You could also look at Second Life, Muvizu, Xtranormal, iClone and Moviestorm as machinima tools. Not to mention the more traditional games like World of Warcraft, Half Life 2 and Unreal who have all released sdk’s for machinima. We are running a special class on making machinima in Second Life this Friday, Nov 18th at 2pm in Second Life. Come by the Expo Hub in SL to participate. 

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