Anonymous Finland: 10% of Finnish email accounts nationwide compromised


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  1. Kieran Manners says:

    So how much longer will BB fete Anonymous as some kind of wonderful glittering positive force in internet culture?

    • gjtorikian says:

      U mad, bro? Or can you just not read?

      This was literally the most objective post made by BoingBoing on Anonymous. It’s an intro text written by Corey: “Anonymous Finland” claims it has compromised the email logins and passwords of 500,000 Finns — about ten percent of the country’s population.”

      And the rest is a block quote. From a newspaper. Absolutely **no* feting!

  2. KalleVirtanen says:

    As a finn – I have to say that most likely there´s some group of people who just wanted to take advantage of this whole anonymous-hype. Finland is such a small place that if you just make a poor statement and post it to some place – you will get a lot of media attention.

    This extermist thing on the other hand might have been made by some skillful group as a targeted attack, but as far as I have understood – this bigger one was just a big flush of identities – not passwords per se. Some has used them for scamming online resellers but I personally don´t consider it as dangerous. You could get the same info by checking out hundreds of facebook accounts.

    Other than that – this mining company statement is much more likely another person or a small group that are just playing tricks. As I mentioned – I could do the same to the goverment and would produce a huge media-pandemonium.

  3. Ben Burger says:

    okay… why did they hack 10% of Finland’s email addresses? Just for fun or what?

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