Mobile Holga lens kit

For $25, you can give your iPhone shots that cheapo 1970s plasticam look. What I like most about the design is that it's made as a phone case, resembling a certain other toy from the era, rather than just a snap-on lens.


  1. As someone who shoots a lot of real film Holga, and with programs like Instagram and Hipstamatic, I realize we’re at a funny place when this Holga lens in front of the iPhone lens looks less like “real Holga” than some digital app.

    1. Have you ever played around with the Holga camera as well?  The Holga 120 PAN Panorama looks pretty slick to me.

  2. These iPhone cases seem like a perfect fit with the free iPhone photo sharing app, Retrollect! ( )

    Retrollect is the free iOS app that lets you capture an experience by mashing up to eight pictures, Facebook posts, Twitter updates, and Instagram pics and assemble them all into a View-Master disc.  Did we mention that the app was free!?  Check it out and let us know what you think. :)

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