Occupy Cal: School-wide student strike at UC Berkeley

Turnstyle News photog Denise Tejada has a set of photos from today's mass protest at UC Berkeley, in California's Bay Area. At the time of this blog post, the crowd gathered is somewhere north of 1,500 people. (thanks, Alejandro de la Cruz)


  1. Great crowd today. Uh, UCPD, this is what a Cal demonstration looks like. And it can get bigger and louder, so you might want to set aside some time for a strategy meeting before going out all Yosemite Sam on our asses.

  2. The demonstration at UC Davis was also huge!  Students rallied on the Quad and eventually marched across campus and occupied Mrak Hall, the UC Davis administrative building.  The march was largely led by English Professor Jonathan Glover, who wrote a piece about the Occupy movement here: http://lareviewofbooks.org/post/12736956288/seize-the-ponies.  Pictures of the Davis march and occupied admin building here: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/11/15/4057412/uc-davis-protest.html.

  3. Not to poop in the punch bowl, but what exactly do the students think that they will accomplish?  Yes, a good ol’ protest is always fun, but what are they going to change?  It’s not like every student in that crowd is going to transfer to another school if their demands aren’t met.

  4. By way of Constitutional Amendment, CA already commits 39% of it’s budget to education.  If change is going to come, it’s not going to come from committing more money (either from student fees or from the budget).

  5. UC Berkley is on strike?  Oh noes!  The cadres of PC righteousness are revolting. Brace for impact!

    And ‘Student strike’?  Really?  Did you perhaps mean ‘student protest’?  A strike is when you withhold your productive labour, not when you decide to cut class.

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