Police shoot man inside UC Berkeley computer lab

A man armed with a weapon was shot by campus police in a computer lab at the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business.


  1. Wouldn’t be the first time someone’s been shot with what was mis-identified as a weapon. Not saying that’s what happened this time, but it’s not unheard of.

  2. It’s obviously too soon to judge the incident since we have so little information. Will that stop me from judging it based on bits of information and the product of an active imagination? Well, actually, yes. So a few questions and reflections that do not treat assumptions as established fact…

    I’ve picked up some of the details of gun legality from the ever-vocal 2nd Amendment crowd. Is it a crime to carry a gun in a bag if one has a concealed carry permit for it? The university probably has policies that limit 2nd Amendment rights.

    It’s unknown if he had a permit and whether he “brandished” a gun at officers. I’ve found only one tweet that suggests that he “brandished” *something*. Most twittering and media coverage indicate that the only shots fired were fired by an officer of BPD, who “feared for his life.”

    Who knows? Maybe between the time he was quietly computing and the time he was shot, the student erected a barricade of computer chairs then settled in for a long fire-fight . Maybe he mounted that barricade screaming, “We Shall Eat Cake! Your cake! I just came from Dwinelle Hall and I’m using cake as synecdoche here, so keep in mind that when I say “cake,” I mean all baked goods, including donuts!”

    This is not an ideal time for the police to be embroiled in yet another case of responding to a threat with disproportionate violence, even if the officer’s reaction was justified. If the gun owner’s actions left the officer no other option than to fire, the cops’ version of the incident will still likely be met with suspicion and disbelief.

    The long history of mild punishments handed out to police who use excessive force, from the Rough Riders and their ilk to Johannes Mehserle, has convinced many citizens that the police are never to be trusted to tell the truth in their initial statements, much less in the results of their internal investigations.

    This incident is extremely unfortunate any way you look at it.

    ***In all sincerity, I hope the guy recovers quickly. This is not a good development even if it’s completely unrelated to Occupy, which appears to be the case. A lack of evidence linking him to Occupy won’t stop the media from using headlines and creatively-phrased articles to popularize the notion that this was a typical example of the violent tactics embraced by the Occupy Movement in their militarized quest to bring down this great nation.

    It might have been the start of a coup! Have the power stations, City Hall, Post Office  and the network TV offices been seized by anarchists? What about the train stations and telegraph offices? Has Lenin’s shade proclaimed a Dictatorship of the Proletariat? I might have to walk down to the Finland Station and see who’s come to town. (Edited for wonky paragraph breaks. Apologies.)

    1. It’s California.  Getting a CCW in CA is rare.  According to the update at the link, it was a pistol in a backpack that was seen and reported by a staff member in an elevator, and he drew it when confronted by police.

      1. Obtaining a CCW in California is considerably easier in the rural, eastern counties where nobody wants to live. So in that way I guess you could say it’s rare.

        1. The process for obtaining a license to carry in california is being amended through litigation and FOIA efforts.  You see, in the most populous counties, only judges, sheriff’s friends and families, and hollywood hotshots get LTCs.  This is not equal, and the States must treat people equally, especially in regards to rights.  That’s what the 14th amendment says anyways.  Most of CA will be Shall Issue within a couple years.

  3. This is what happens when you ask to speak to Professer Falken now.

    joking aside, I hope the best for all involved. Violence sucks.

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