Tesla coil hat: "a really bad idea"


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  1. Jack Holmes says:

    Correction: that is the Mortal Kombat theme! Come on, Cory!

  2. HahTse says:

    Awesome. And stupid. But mostly awesome.

    (Harry Potter theme plays later – 1:12 or something like that)

  3. jc⋇gonzo says:

    you guys 90% of this video is the MORTAL KOMBAT theme OMG

  4. Alvis says:

    So – it’s a Raiden costume?

  5. tamooj says:

    Wow.  This is a REALLY bad idea.  I love it. :-)

    (Son, if you are reading this article – don’t do this!  Yes yes, I know you *can*, but just don’t, ok?)

  6. duc chau says:

    If I play a mid to high note for a few seconds, the boost can’t keep up and it fades away. I think this is due to saturation of my boost core

    I knowww-ah! I HATE boost core saturation! Gah!

  7. Lobster says:

    I bet this’ll be in Team Fortress 2 by Friday.

  8. kernkraftwerks says:

    Who thinks Cory did NOT mis-type “tame” when he noted the hat lightning was “semi-tam”?


  9. nixiebunny says:

    This is so righteous! A wearable Tesla coil.  Now it just needs to be built into a stovepipe hat for the ultimate steampunk headgear.

  10. Brainspore says:

    Most people choose to advertise their insanity via head-wear use simple tinfoil.

  11. Egypt Urnash says:

    This is AWESOME. Also I am beginning to think that the Mortal Kombat theme is instant comedy.

  12. Culturedropout says:

    Next up: Tesla Coil Underwear.  Because after this, he’s never going to get laid anyway… ;-)

  13. InsertFingerHere says:

    My luck he’ll sit in front of me next time I go see a movie.

  14. Douglas Stuart says:

    And WHY are the OWS protesters not kitting out in these 

  15. stephanie coleman says:

    My little bro made a tesla coil for his science fair. Best of show, man!

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