The connections between "itch" and "ouch"


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  1. Aatish says:

    Wow! I’m so excited to be featured on boingboing. Thanks for the plug, Maggie!

  2. marilove says:

    Anyone else find they are super itchy after reading this?

    It’s like that one time I started reading about yawns on wikipeida.  I was yawning all night!

    • CH says:

      Yep… my head and nose is now itching like crazy! Thanks BoingBoing!

      But seriously… my daughter has excema, and it is really not fun to try to tell your small child not to scratch when she is _really_ itching badly. It’s a vicious cycle, where scratching causes more itching, and constantly scratching causes sores that causes itching. I really wish there was some “headache pill” that would block the itching from registering in the brain, so I really truly appreciate the work these guys are doing!!!!

  3. James B says:

    Anyone who has had shingles is likely already unpleasantly acquainted with the notion that some nerve cells transmit both pain and itch signals, particularly when attacked by a virus.

  4. lsamsa says:

    Too funny, seeing this article at this time.
    Just today, I was determindly scratching an itch for the third time when I was driven to say out loud, ‘why does this keep on hurting’. In fact, I then laughed & said…’oh, I meant itch’.
    Either way…the harsh scratching did the trick….and yes, I do talk out loud quite often to myself…but that’s a whole different discussion.

  5. This helps explain why during particularly bad flares of fibromyalgia, I get so itchy I will scratch myself bloody in my sleep. 

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