ThinkUp: open/free app lets you harvest your social media activity


3 Responses to “ThinkUp: open/free app lets you harvest your social media activity”

  1. Bodhipaksa says:

    I use Momento to archive my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ posts. For the last of these, I had to create an RSS feed and connect it to Momento. It works well. 

    • Bodhipaksa says:

      This app seems much more advanced, though. I also use SocialSafe, which backs up Tweets and Facebook posts, but not (as yet) Google+.

      • sincarne says:

        The benefit to going with ThinkUp is you run it yourself on your own hosting provider (or locally under something like XAMP.) The end result is that your social media activity is in a SQL database that you can do whatever you like with. You own it, and I think Andy is missing the big selling point by not mentioning that in his summary. Memento is awesome, and you can kind of export your data, but ThinkUp gives you total freedom over it.

        Set up is a breeze, and it’s really well written. Even on my Dreamhost account, the overhead is minimal, even though my database is getting big.

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