Universal Music asks insurer to pay its part of $50M copyright infringement settlement


3 Responses to “Universal Music asks insurer to pay its part of $50M copyright infringement settlement”

  1. Jer_00 says:

    The music industry – possibly one of the only industries that makes the insurance industry look like paragons of virtue and honesty.

    Click all the way through to the Hollywood Reporter analysis that Geist links to.  The balls on UMG are astounding – I’ll bet that when National Union wrote up the policy for UMG they were assuming that they were insuring for copyright claims that UMG didn’t know about (artists sampling other artists into their work without informing UMG of it).  I don’t imagine they thought that they were writing a policy to let UMG rip off artists for years and then foist the costs off onto the insurance company.  Hopefully they were smart enough to write the policy so it doesn’t pay up in this case.

  2. Nadreck says:

    Ah, sweet irony!  This is only the first round.  Using the ridiculous per-infringement fines put in place by the music industry themselves, their eventual liability could be as high as six billion dollars: Canadian!

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