Which came first?

A large study of men from Southern California found a correlation between men who are taking more medications, and men with an increased risk of erectile disfunction. Medical reporter Helen Branswell points out that this poses an interesting chicken/egg problem: Does taking lots of medications cause ED? Or do guys with ED have lots of underlying issues that require medication? Nobody knows yet.


  1. eggs came first btw…there were eggs long before chickens

    did I just BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND??!??!??!?!?

    ….whaddya mean “no” ?

  2. I learned right here on bb that “it turns out correlation and causation are so tightly correlated that it appears correlation causes causation.”  Which, I believe, answers the question.

  3. Errr…we’ve had statistical methods used to sort out such issues for quite some time.  Did the study really not look into that?

  4. Medications = illness = not really having as much Get Up And Go?

    I bet more medication also correlated with jogging less, anxiety, all the other stuff that goes with what happens to you which causes you to take medication.

  5. I never had ED until I started boozing it up and taking amphetamines. Actually, it wasn’t until I discovered my girlfriend was cheating on me, but most drugs seem to make things worse. Sustained amphetamine use in particular makes it nearly impossible to get an erection unless she is explicitly enthusiastic or I’ve taken a solid dose of a vasodilator and/or PDE5 inhibitor. It’s a depraved new world!

  6. Vicodin has never prevented me from getting promptly onto the yellow brick road, but it does sometimes take quite a while to reach the Emerald City.

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