Extreme Lego organization methods


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  1. SkylerNelson says:

    Hey, our (my girlfriend and I) system is on the first page of that flickr group right now!  Neat.

    I actually spent a significant part of this year developing a robotic Lego organization system, such that I could “order” parts on my touchscreen and it would pick them out of my collection and deliver them (and put them back when I was done).But alas, grad school became too burdensome and I haven’t had any time to complete the thing.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    I know a guy with probably 100.000 Lego pieces stored in thousands of clear-front plastic  drawer cabinets.  But he’s a high-paid engineer. My kid uses the big bin method – 98% of the fun of building a gizmo is finding some piece you’ve been looking for while obtaining the needed pieces.

  3. Childe Roland says:

    I am a mechanical engineer but for some reason I could just never get into Legos. I found an old ’80s Lego set in my mom’s attic that belonged to my little brother a month or two back and ended up selling  it to someone in Hong Kong for $80 + $40 or $50 shipping. I was amazed at the prices associated with these colored bits of plastic.

    • Ramone says:

      Have you tried building with LEGO technic or the robotics sets? Maybe it’s that the kid sets weren’t sparking a challenge for ya.

  4. Frohickey says:

    I tend to stick to one colour (in this case, yellow) and organize by type of brick. I then put like types into zip-lock bags so everything can be held in one bin (I don’t own epic amounts of Lego so this is a practical solution.

  5. Chris Bowman says:

    Clear plastic tackle boxes for those tiny parts. Accept no substitute.

  6. Mark Bastin says:

    My wife bought a Collectigo mat for my son….works brilliantly and saves my foot from stepping on stray pieces. Love it!

  7. Amelia_G says:

    My new bookshelves are going to be lego. Before I saw this rational breakdown, my planned organizational principle was to donate leftover bricks, or unwanted bricks after color swaps, to charity.

  8. Excellent ideas! I can teach some to my son. Our home is a huge mess!

  9. box4blox says:

    As the inventor of the BOX4BLOX Lego sorter I would like to put my tuppence worth in!!  While we invented our product more aimed at helping to organize and store the normal family collections of Lego, we have had a lot of positive feedback from the “Lego fanatic” community, who find the BOX4BLOX helpful to organize their large Lego collections.  Here is a link to  a review carried out by Lego enthusiast web site, Brothers-Brick.com a year or two ago that you may find helpful: http://www.brothers-brick.com/2008/10/29/box4blox-review/

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