Harvey Pekar statue campaign on Kickstarter gets Alan Moore's help

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Ed "Brain Rot" Piskor says:

Harvey's wife Joyce is spearheading this effort to get a Pekar
memorial created at the Cleveland library
, where he spent most of his

As an incentive for $99 donors, the notoriously aloof Alan Moore has
volunteered to participate in an exclusive web conference to field
whatever questions come his way.

Harvey Pekar statue campaign on Kickstarter


  1. Man I’d love to see Alan Moore on Q.I. Within ten minutes he’d reduce Stephen Fry to his quivering man slave.

    1. As much as I love the cranky old bastard, I’m pretty sure the whole QI taping will be the panel politely backing away from him when he goes off about something.

      Though him and Johnny Vegas would be worth the price of admission.

  2. Awesome idea.  Though the funny thing, Pekar being the everyman that he was,  I think he would’ve felt pretty weird about the whole thing.  Maybe a good idea for a tribute fund-raising comic?

  3. Just a clarification here: the library is in Cleveland Heights not Cleveland. I don’t want this misrepresented as something that will be downtown in a major metropolitan area. This will be at a community library that Mr. Pekar loved.

  4. True, but I’m on board for more everyman statues.. and tbh, Pekar promoted himself pretty heavily so I think he’d be tickled at having a statue. and he deserves one.

  5. I love Alan Moore’s work, but he is one weird cat. I bet he’s won more than one costume contest at LotR conventions.

    1. He may be weird, but he is not loud about it. As such, he is a kind of weird that should be more accepted in the world.

  6. Just as long as the statue doesn’t try to smooth out Pekar’s wild hair or disheveled clothing. And if the final statue has a smile on it, the sculptor should be shot immediately.

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