MAKE's Ultimate Kit Guide - on newsstands this week

201111161304 A special issue of MAKE, the Ultimate Kit Guide 2012, is hitting newsstands this week!

In it, we review over 175 different kits, ranging from rockets, robots, and remote control, to cocktails, kombucha, and cured meat. This wide-ranging kit guide is something I'm really excited about. The MAKE staff and our friends spent a lot of time with a great number of kits, and we picked the ones we feel really good about recommending to others. It reminds me of the Whole Earth Catalog, which was a mind-blowing, life-changing publication for me. I hope the kits in MAKE's Ultimate Kit Guide will inspire a new generation of people to become active creators of the things that they use in their life.

We've also launched a new website based on the Ultimate Kit Guide -- visit the soft-launch sneak preview here.


  1. Where’s the Favicon? Otherwise, a few layout glitches but nice. Hope you encourage other makers by linking to their own sites rather than trying to sell all of the kits out of your own store. I prefer to order direct if possible to provide the maximum revenue to the kit makers.

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