Occupiers set up Occupy tent inside "occupied" Bank of America in SF, live-tweet from within

Yo, dawg, I heard you like occupations... so I pitched a tent inside your bank while you occupy the bank! Photo above taken by Aaron Muszalski, of Occupy protesters' tent, erected inside a Bank of America in San Francisco during a takeover-protest. There are 10 people inside the tent, and one protester, Kendra Yukiko, is live-tweeting her impending arrest.

Greggawatt posts this shot of someone putting the tent on eBay to raise funds, presumably to help with bail and/or to support Occupy SF. Here's the link, if you'd like to bid.

Here are more photos of the tent.

[Video Link]

Aaron Muszalski tweets from the site, "SFPD just forcibly moved us away from the bank, saying it was for our safety and 'the glass might break.' Then they hit us with batons."

@SovernNation tweets, "The Occupation of #BofA is officially over. 95 arrests. Cops take down tent, collect signs, a conga drum, random debris."

@raindrift says, "sfpd is folding up the tent, but they'll *never* get it back in the bag."

@punkboyinsf, who has been livestreaming many of the Occupy events in the Bay Area, has a snapshot of the specific penal code with which these young folks have been charged.

(Image: Justin Beck)


  1. I believe the proper formulation, syntactically, would be, Yo dog, I heard you like occupations, so we put a tent in your bank so you can occupy while you occupy.

  2. Since the police are not supposed to punish you, those can’t be batons!

    Maybe they’re “Judicial Branches”?

  3. Yep, and your customers would be the wiser for it, Annie. Sounds like you’ve been planning for this? Are you one of those types? The greedy needy pushy posturing ones?

    1. I concur. They have balls.  Given how much Banks really care about the average joe, like you and me. I say this is pretty fun to watch.

  4.  Does anyone else think the timing of the DDoSing of 4chan and the nationwide federally coordinated effort to remove the Occupy protests is a bit, uh, interesting?

    1. I was wondering about that as well. A current story mentions a kerfuffle between tumblr and 4chan that could easily be a let’s you and him go fight.[old news]

      Would need to see logs for a better idea and with the proverbial sea of piss that 4chan is, finding gov piss or super-patriot/war profiteer piss would be challenging.

    2. It looks to me like a was a cordinated effort. I mean, whether you support these kids or not. They are a thorn on the side of the “status quo”

  5. Love this: “SFPD just forcibly moved us away from the bank, saying it was for our safety and ‘the glass might break.’ Then they hit us with batons.”

    Perfect encapsulation.  I think we may have to destroy the Village to save the Villagers.

      1. Catch and release is very standard for San Francisco.  

        It’s all just taking on the air of mime, though. Of course the occupiers had to be removed from the office, but the batons were outside, no doubt “nudging.” ;)

  6. “If you came into my office and pitched tent…”

    If the attitude you put across here is anything like you are in real life I doubt many tents get pitched in your vicinity.

    1. Tent as protest sign.

      Why, o why is Halloween just past. Tents would be the costume of the year.

      1. Another reason to continue the movement. But at the rate the PDs are macheteing the tents and the movement is reerecting them, there may well be a shortage by next fall.

        1. Nah, the planters in the southern hemisphere can plant extras in time for the spring/summer rush in the northern hemisphere.  Good thing they grow fast.

  7. Note to everyone: If being arrested, don’t tweet “I’m being arreste_”. Try to tweet “I’m being arrestaaaauuuggghhhh” (so there can be Pythonesque speculation that you must have died while texting it).

  8. I have to wonder why people think this is an appropriate method of protesting. Picketing outside the bank’s front doors would make perfect sense: it gets the message across to clients coming in to the bank, it forces people to choose between leaving or crossing a picket line, and it’s an act of free speech that should clearly be allowed; being arrested for protesting outside of a bank garners sympathy. Putting a tent in the middle of the inside of a bank branch, on the other hand, seems ridiculous. What was the point of the tent? What was the point of being inside? What was the plan for when the bank closed? What was the point of protesting BofA with protest signs about the UC Regents? What was the point of trying to get arrested for something that is clearly not something people should be allowed to do?

    1. I know, it’s confusing. Try to roll with it. You don’t want to end up like one of those people who could have gone to Woodstock but thought it was dumb.

    2. Do you not see the reverse forclosure thing? Taking up residence in a bank that’s taking up residences? Yo dawg.

    3. oh come on. it’s not *that* hard to figure out. after all, it’s not much of a protest if no-one notices. i think those kids did a spectacular job. they made their point, sat down and one by one took their turn getting arrested. 

      …and now you’re reading about it here. Seems pretty self evident.

  9. And to think they took corporal punishment out of the schools. It would have prepared us more for the *gentle* nudge of a police baton.

  10. Perhaps if Occupy would like to inflict real damage to the banks they should be willing to pay the employees to no longer work there.  I mean there isn’t a job shortage or anything and I’m sure most of the banking employees don’t actually need money to live on…since they are cold hearted greedy bastards.  If Occupy has a problem with BoA or Wells why not occupy their headquarters where the people who make decisions work?  Occupying a branch does nothing but to add additional stress and pressure to already over worked employees.

    1. Just like that dang Rosa Parks, slowing down the buses and getting people laid off.

      No consideration for the working man!

      If only there was a way for people to get in your face protesting without actually getting in your face. Invisible protestors, f’r instance, would be such much easier to deal with. I wouldn’t have to look at them, I wouldn’t have to think about them, I wouldn’t have to question my complicity…

      1. I didn’t know Rosa Parks was inconveniencing other bus riders or the driver by simply choosing another seat to sit in.  Yes she was violating the law, but assuming she wasn’t throwing white people out of their seats up front then no one was being forcibly disturbed by her actions.

        IMO setting up camp inside a business to draw attention to yourself is not equal to what Rosa Parks was doing.  Me or any other individual going to the bank and closing their account in a peaceful and civil manner would be much more accurate and effective.

  11. A public park I can understand. A bank is private property, I’d imagine that would make tresspassing charges a lot easier. Why not just tent on the sidewalk in front of the bank?

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