Plush weapons

Designer Bryan Ku's "Pillow Fight" is an adorable collection of plush weaponry: "Light sabers, scimitars, double sided viking axes, nunchucks, ninja stars and grenades. Silkscreen on fabric."

Pillow Fight!


  1. Speaking of censorship – a) no coverage of the OWS Raid? b) why wont the fucking pop-up close?

  2. i may not be the sharpest pillow on the bed, but i was also hampered by the pop-up.  i mean, it had a big “close” button, which i hit over and over again.  i also tried opting for “not in the US.”

    scrolling down only happened by accident/frustration. 

    for the record, i would have totally supported, but i’m canuckistanian by birth and location.

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