Rebecca McKinnon in NYT: SOPA will strengthen the Great Firewall of China


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  1. Mordicai says:

    New theory: Congress read a bunch cyberpunk novels & was like “oh man that was awesome, is it too late to have that happen?  We can totally make some megacorps, & then like, all we need to do is make everybody into hackers!  We can do this!”

    • digi_owl says:

      I think they stopped at creating megacorporations because they had a orgasm envisioning themselves as CEOs and shareholder of said megacorporations…

  2. Chris Burch says:

    Let me fix that for you: “Alarm at the infringement of creative works through the Internet is justifiable if you are a scaredy-cat baby.” You’re welcome.

  3. Thorzdad says:

    …the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Motion Picture Association of America, the American Federation of Musicians, the Directors Guild of America, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Screen Actors Guild.

    The Teamsters??? WTF???
    The rest of the usual suspects I expected. But, the Teamsters???

  4. Cameron Huff says:

    ‘The bills aim not to censor political or religious speech as China does, but to protect American intellectual property.’

    Right up until those things are not needed on the net and then they will be censored

  5. jackbird says:

    Did it seem a little namby-pamby to anyone else?  “potential chilling effect?”  It’s fucking unamerican, for christ sakes.  It’s a privatized judicial system without a shred of due process.  How about a long list of wonderful things that could easily have been squelched by SOPA, from the Pentagon Papers to Rebecca Black.

  6. Geof says:

    The future mayor of New York:

    “Mass protests pose a threat to cleanliness and public safety. They put brave police officers at risk and divert them from fighting crime. I have therefore directed the Committee for Public Internet Safety to take the planning sites off-line. This is the safest way to manage the threat while preserving the right to free speech.  Individuals are free to talk face-to-face and to contact their elected representatives, but we cannot allow them to abuse the Internet.  Nor do they have a right to the private property of others: Facebook, PayPal and the domain registration system have every right to choose whom they do business with.  If copying a movie justifies taking down a web site, then attacking the economy of this great city by blocking streets surely does. If the protesters wish to organize online, they can apply for a permit to use the government free speech forum provided for that purpose.”

  7. Cowicide says:

    The bill would also make it a crime, with a five-year prison term, to stream Web content without permission.

    This is going to put innocent people who’ve been hacked, etc. in prison.  Did the prison industrial complex underwrite SOPA or what?

    This will be great for prisons.  This way you can get higher quality, innocent people in prison who can perform better slave-labor than the non-violent drug addicts that are in prison now.

    Somewhere, there’s a man with a chart explaining how this will improve the quality of their slave labor in their prisons.

    If you don’t think corporatists are capable of this kind of evil, then you SERIOUSLY need to educate yourself RIGHT NOW:

    • The Chemist says:

      EXACTLY! Why is this not the spearhead of the argument?

      You don’t even have to know it’s pirated to watch something that is. Youtube already has some agreement with the music industry over music videos. Now what? Am I now suddenly privy to all the contractual agreements youtube has with contract providers? How am I supposed to know if what’s on sharing sites is legit?

      We need to hammer home this point above all others.

  8. teapot says:

    Nice to see BB censored the logo as every responsible site should do today.

    For those who didn’t click it the code to censor your logo is here:

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