Cory in Philly


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  1. numbsafari says:

    Welcome to Philly! If you are hunting for free Wifi near Wharton check out the Saxby’s at Locust and 40th. Also, most of the Cosi places around the city have half decent Wifi.

    And, despite the rain, have some gelato at Capo Giro before you leave.

  2. jackbird says:

    …And if you want the real deal cheesesteak-wise, skip Pat’s and Geno’s, and hop a cab down to John’s Roast Pork on Snyder a block from Columbus Blvd.  It’s a tiny shack next to a chemical plant and a strip mall, and it’s open only during working hours, but it’s the best hot sandwiches Philly (and perhaps the planet) has to offer. 

  3. PJ Rhymeswithsausage says:

    Hey Cory – need to relax Sunday night?  Come have a beer with us at the Philadelphia Beard & Mustache Club monthly meeting at Tattoo Mom’s –!/events/221013187969653/ If you were around on Tuesday I would encourage you to come play some Rock Paper Scissors.  Instead I’ll encourage everyone else in Philly to come play Rock Paper Scissors –!/events/278356032206862/

  4. Charlie B says:

    Hell, if I’d known you were going to be in the area I would have dropped by.  Unfortunately I’m going to be tied up with an electric tractor.  No, really.

    If you get the opportunity, try “Lancaster Milk Stout” from the Lancaster Brewing Company, and “Yuengling Porter” from Dick Yuengling’s family brewery in Pottsville, which is the oldest brewery in America.   Either one will change your opinion of American beers, I think.

  5. Cool K says:

    Hey Cory here in Philly we call 17h “5 o’clock” or sometimes…5 pm.

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