Custom, giant junkbots made from old car and truck parts


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  1. pKp says:

    Shades of Gibson’s “Count Zero”…all that’s missing is the chainsaw arms.

  2. Marco Mahler says:

    Thank you, Boing Boing! Marco

  3. lesbianjesus says:

    Check out the awesome metal horse in Whitehorse Yukon, actually pretty cool for scraps. The artist used stuff given to her by the public from all over the region.

  4. hadlockk says:

    We have these in Texas, too. Except they’re chrome (in typical American fashion)

  5. Richard says:

    For more refined horses there’s

    Deborah Butterfield

    I suppose this might be as close to animals as most of us get these days.

  6. wygit says:

    We have a gorgeous chrome horse that was commissioned by the builders of a Safeway here in Sacramento.
    I believe it was done around 2004. It was made from recycled car bumpers.

  7. webmonkees says:

    Much better recieved than their earlier car sculptures made out of junked horses.

  8. Beanolini says:

    varnished with special anti-rust lacquer

    There’s a set of junk-metal goats round here that have rusted and become slightly overgrown over 20 years- they look fantastic.

  9. David Costa says:

    not sure if it was inspired by Marco’s sculpture, but this metal Darth Vader looks like it would fit right into his collection:

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