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More than twice the strength of stainless steel, the brawny new Ceramic Diesel DZ4220 & Diesel DZ4221 Black & White Franchise Chronographs are now available for the holiday season at Watchismo.

If that's not cool enough, check out the new asymmetric cutaway chronograph Diesel DZ4226 in all black and Diesel DZ4227 in gunmetal/steel. And finally, an überwatch, the triple time zone, multi-color analog-digital Diesel DZ7243 and Diesel DZ7242. Check out the entire Diesel Watch Collection.


  1. How can a watch, made up of lots of different interacting components and materials including transparent crystal, be “twice the strength of stainless steel?” What does that even mean?

  2. It means that the watch casing’s material has twice the strength of stainless steel. That said, I wouldn’t shy from the chance to test the relevance of that fact with, say, a mallet or truck tires.

  3. I want to know why all the coolest watches are made for dudes.  Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against wearing a men’s watch, but some of them are just way too big for my liking.

    1. As of late, watches are too big for men too – that is unless you are 7-feet tall and play for the NBA.  I am 6’2″, 190 pounds and any watch with a case over 42mm looks like a “abalone shell” on my wrist.  I saw a watch at Watchismo that was 47mm.

       If you’re looking for a quasi-masculine, or say a “military-style” watch, Citizen, Timex, Victronix and/or Swiss Army feature some nice pieces that are in the 35-38mm range – just strap on a NATO watch band for that “John Lennon in a military jacket” flair.

      1. Too many watches now are designed as gaudy decorations rather than as functional timepieces.  I guess the manufacturers have to do that, since there aren’t as many people buying watches for their function.

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