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  1. DaveBrooks says:

    How can a watch, made up of lots of different interacting components and materials including transparent crystal, be “twice the strength of stainless steel?” What does that even mean?

  2. CôMa says:

    That means someone has been quoting the press kit verbatim.

  3. It means that the watch casing’s material has twice the strength of stainless steel. That said, I wouldn’t shy from the chance to test the relevance of that fact with, say, a mallet or truck tires.

  4. tmccartney66 says:

    I want to know why all the coolest watches are made for dudes.  Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against wearing a men’s watch, but some of them are just way too big for my liking.

    • SCAQTony says:

      As of late, watches are too big for men too – that is unless you are 7-feet tall and play for the NBA.  I am 6’2″, 190 pounds and any watch with a case over 42mm looks like a “abalone shell” on my wrist.  I saw a watch at Watchismo that was 47mm.

       If you’re looking for a quasi-masculine, or say a “military-style” watch, Citizen, Timex, Victronix and/or Swiss Army feature some nice pieces that are in the 35-38mm range – just strap on a NATO watch band for that “John Lennon in a military jacket” flair.

      • howaboutthisdangit says:

        Too many watches now are designed as gaudy decorations rather than as functional timepieces.  I guess the manufacturers have to do that, since there aren’t as many people buying watches for their function.

  5. Bodhipaksa says:

    What’s a “watch,” granddad?

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