Once more, with feeling

A repeat of the faster-than-light neutrino experiment turned up the same result. Bear in mind, this was performed by the same group of researchers that performed the original experiment. So it's not quite the same thing as if the results had been reproduced by an entirely different team of scientists. But it is a step forward in what will be a long process. So far, we still can't rule out that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light.


  1. So, for a second time they have collected enormous volumes of data that back up their theory? And that’s distinct from just having a second interesting data point? Because that’s what so many people seem to be misunderstanding about this.

  2. +1 for the Buffy reference. -1 because the article isn’t actually about Buffy. +2 because they broke the light barrier again.

    Total awesomeness: +2.

      1. Sure, but that show has definitely hijacked it. See: https://www.google.com/search?gcx=w&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=once+more+with+feeling

  3. Please excuse my laymanship, but do we *know* for certain that photons are actually massless? What if they’re more massive then neutrinos?

  4. I believe light is not the fastest thing.Take a neutrino for instance,anything that has mass,the neutrino travels with a sphere(called it wave) and within that wave the neutrino get transform into something else (like muon into tau neutrino).if within that sphere the transformation of the neutrino becoming strickly wave for a short period and produced a tau neutrino,the tau neutrino could be in front of the wave and thus faster than light

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