Telekinesis: "Please Ask for Help"


8 Responses to “Telekinesis: "Please Ask for Help"”

  1. Keith Benoit says:


  2. HahTse says:

    Woah. This is seriously good.

  3. seyo says:

    “what you need to know is that it’s a boppity little new wave-y number that might loop endlessly in your head while you’re trying to sleep. At least that happens to me.”

    That’s the most convincing argument for my not listening to it.

  4. Dan Geiser says:

    Glad to see Peter Hook is still getting work.

  5. paulj says:

    When you say “the spectre of Sir Paul”, do you know something about his departure from this mortal coil that the rest of of don’t? I hear a well-produced, catchy tune that might have been influenced by the style of Sir Paul.

  6. mike west says:

    NPR compared him to a young Paul McCartney too.

  7. Mladen Kalinic says:

    First I was just like heaven, but then I just like lame generic indie

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