Fractally, breathing optical illusion


Trippy or nauseating? You decide! Hit the permalink to amplify the sensation. (via @coseyfannitutti and @bengoldacre)


  1. weird, if I stare at it and think in my head “why is this moving” it kinda stops, but when I just look it at and quickly move my eyes “it’s coming on”

  2. Cool. Is there a bigger version somewhere? This must be full screen… Or maybe the world’s most obnoxious wallpaper graphic.

  3. I’m fed-up with these bashful illusions that stop moving when I look straight at a spot.  I know you can move!  Quit making me work for it.

    1. The terrifying thing about fractals is how _simple_ the math can be to produce such deep complexity.

  4. I can already see what’s going to happen: some OWS people are going to print fractals like this one on large posters and use them as protest signs, the next time they have to stand up to trigger-happy cops.  Then the cops are going to claim that the protest signs were coming right at them, and they’ll start using pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, flash grenades, and whatever blunt weapons are at their disposal to “retalliate”, claiming: “The signs, they were coming right at us!”

  5. Yeah, I don’t like computer graphics when it comes to this stuff. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer drugs.

    1. of course it’s available as a wallpaper… right click and choose “Set as desktop background”… you can also right click it and save the image to disk for safety as well

  6. Fractal op art. Why not? (Youse youngsters may be too young to remember when this kind of fluorescent eye-stretcher was popular…)

  7. I used to use Fractint ( to generate fractals for flyers and the like on an old 386 DX33 … it doesn’t seem to like 64bit machines these days, for something more recent try

  8. funny fact i just found out: when you fluently resize the image it calms down and seems to stop moving (or seems to stop to seem moving to be precise)

  9. It says “Hit the permalink to amplify the sensation”, and I did, but it doesn’t change. Still equally trippy, but I see no amplification of trippiness. 

  10. Interesting.  When viewed on my phone, this image had no effect whatsoever.  When viewed on my computer monitor, the effect comes out in full force.

  11. I took it into Photoshop and replace the purple. If I matched the purple’s value with the value of the green, it stopped moving. Likewise, if I moved the hue towards green, it stopped moving. There was one dark red that moved even more than the purple.

    1. Are you some form of color blind perhaps?  Kkani’s tinkering seems to suggest the effect depends on relatively precise color differences.

      Wiggles like a bastard for me.  This might make a better color blindness test than the stupid circles with the numbers.

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