Geeky, science-fiction inspired tees

Geekboy Press does a pretty good line of cute tees featuring great illustrations inspired by science fiction.

Geekboy Press


    1. A similar thought had occurred to me!  (Actually, it’s more likely that Etsy would receive a few “invitations” to remove the designs promptly.)  Then again, who knows, perhaps Geekboy DOES have the requisite permissions; stranger things have happened.  I hope that’s the case, as I do rather like his graphics.

      But anyhow, Mr. Doctorow — Cory, may I call you? — if you really want some full-frontal geekiness (or nerdiness, as I prefer it), you should check out … oh, modesty forbids….

  1. I remember when being a science fiction geek meant you were literate. Sometimes I wish the “geeky pop culture” (quotes as I don’t think it’s geeky if it’s pop culture) would just evaporate.

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