HOWTO get a free Stanford Comp Sci education

Avi sez, "UnCollege has the lowdown on how to get yourself a free Computer Science education at Stanford. No tuition, no textbooks, no set class times (students get a week to complete the assignments). Sign-up here."


  1. The one drawback will be not taking the same material with other students, so finding online groups that can help through difficult material would be a good accompaniment. Other than this, I think this is really cool. I’m already deep into my comp sci degree, but I might go for the tech entrepreneurship class.

    1. If the rest of the classes are like the ones offered this fall, there are a couple of hours of lectures each week along with assignments (programming for the ML class, quizzes for the others).  Each of the professors also records their answers to some popular questions.  There’s a midterm and due dates for everything – this is good as it keeps people motivated.  I’m taking all three but have fallen behind in one of them as I also work full time, but the classes are a little easier then you’d have.  In general it teaches the concepts well but depends on the quality of the instructor, just as in college.

      1. I’m taking two courses currently as well and feel that they are definitely high quality. It takes a lot of dedication to follow the courses. I work full time.

        In January I am continuing with either PGM or Game Theory. But only one and on the basic track this time.

  2. It’s not even a sensible compiler design book. If you actually do want several-decades-out-of-date compiler design, get the dragon book (a rather nice book, and pretty reasonable for self-study, I think!).

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