Occupy Lulz

Everything becomes a meme, eventually: Occupy Lulz. Here's a direct link to the photo collection. More "greatest hits" below.


        1. Thank you for the compliment, but I still don’t get that specific joke.  Everything else I get… But not that Rubik’s cube reference.

          1. it’s really not that funny a joke either…! 
            btw JakeGould I too had a bit of trouble getting it before Nathan cleared it all up :(

          2. Oh. Now I get it. [3 beat pause] That’s a nice shirt you’re wearing! So where’s the bathroom? Oh I know… Over there!  Bye!

  1.  believe in owning responsibility for my actions including paying student loans, reading contracts, etc.  

    Excellent—then you agree with the goals of OWS. This started largely—although not entirely—because there are now two sets of rules in society: one set for the 99%, and a far, far, far more lenient (almost entirely penalty-free, in fact) set for the 1%. 

    Good to have you aboard!

  2. well, maybe we won’t see joe the plumber around anymore… 
    piker, you’ve moved the debate. thanks.

    here’s hoping that pepper spray is as bad as it gets, and we don’t have 4 dead in o-hi-o.

  3. Another great place to not hear much about Occupy is NPR. But I did hear about the Koch wing at the local hospital, which underwrote this weeks WWDTM. 

    And before you say “This American Life”, that’s PRI.

  4. I sure wish these hippies would just shut up and go home so I can get back to my Dancing with the Washed Up.

  5. Is it really Boing Boing’s place and position to advocate for a political cause single-mindedly and endlessly?

    And what, pray tell, is Boing Boing’s “place?”  Since you seem to know. . . .

  6. Anyone else concerned that turning this into a joke risks turning the OWS movement into a joke in the minds of the public? I know it’s hard to imagine, but not everyone swims in the sea of net memes. I had to explain the mustache meme to some of my co-workers the other day. HArd to believe, I know, but for this movement to be successful it will need to be able to speak to those outside the LULZ and meme-driven community.

  7. Someone suggested doing a treatment of the historic Kent State photo by Filo. ( http://www.nppa.org/news_and_events/news/2009/05/filo.html )
    I originally found the idea to be tasteless, but, well… if the police had lost their sense of humanity enough to take pleasure in pepper spraying down throats at point blank range, how different was their mentality from that which led to the shootings?

  8. Here’s a nice one (not mine) reacting to Fox’s Megyn Kelly describing pepper spray as “a food product, essentially”.

    1. But…but…he’s the SuperCop. To be fair, he’s the rare authority figure who says that society has to address the root causes of crime. The UK was bringing him in to analyze issues related to the recent riots and he DID NOT get a warm reception from local law enforcement.

  9. Lt John Pike is obviously gender misidentified… if that’s not an obese middle-aged woman in a police uniform I will eat my hat. And what’s lulzier: ‘he’ sports the type of moustache that is only worn by obese men and child molesters.

    Pike’s life changed irrevocably the day he sprayed those kids. You might say that this photo represents Pike’s Peak: it’s the most powerful he will ever feel from that moment forward.

    Let’s hope he becomes an hero, and soon.

     And let’s hope that obesity-induced impotence has helped prevent his DNA from continuing to infect humanity.

  10. how do these memes really function though?  i think one of the things it does is NORMALIZE.  Violence becomes funny, and thus more tolerable.  just the same as the “Don’t tase me bro” meme — it is used with insensitivity, and make something gravely serious into a joke. 

  11. In fifty years, you’ll be telling your grandkids about the historic times in which you lived.

    Only in that version you’ll have been deeply involved in OWS, instead of jaded and dismissive.

  12. I vote to offset the above opinion.

    Please Boing Boing.  I may not fit into your target demographic either, but there’s no such thing as “too much OWS coverage”.

    There will always be time for more dachshunds in steampunk costumes and indie sci-fi.  Right now, we need OWS/all the time, please.  There is nothing more important.

  13. Do it like Engadget does it.

    Configurable RSS feeds, where you can have a feed of ONLY articles that have certain tags, or a feed that lists articles that do NOT have certain tags.

    Then, if someone doesn’t want to see OWS content, they don’t have to see it.

    If someone wants to ONLY see OWS content, they can get that.

  14. I too believe in owning responsibility for my actions, including paying my (absurdly expensive) student loans and mortgages, reading contracts and not standing idly by whilst the greedy and corrupt  make the world a worse place to live for the majority of people.

  15. I didn’t attack OWS, I just said I can’t wait till there is less of it, however you decided to attack me. . . ”

    I didn’t attack you.  I pointed out how you are dismissive of OWS.  It is, in your opinion, not worth posting about.

    I stand by my prediction: you will one day be glad OWS existed, and that it was posted about.

  16. Occupying is symbolic, they’re occupying Wall Street because Wall Street needs to change – whether that be at the hand of the government or otherwise – it;s representative of extreme corporatism.  It’s about combining imagery, highlighting the problem.  Combining protest with government would only desaturate the message.

    Unless you think that by occupying they think they’re some how inconveniencing someone?  Or that people are hanging out of the windows listening to their chants?  That’s not really the point, and not what they’re trying to archive.  It’s about media coverage and perpetuating the message.

    Besides, people are actually occupying several locations around the world, not just wall street.

  17. It’s not an attack, it’s just human nature. JFK got his presidency with the smallest margin ever recorded; after his death, 75% of Americans claimed to have voted for him. And everybody’s grandpa was a hero in WW2.

  18. And everybody’s grandpa was a hero in WW2.

    In my reality, everyone’s father was a hero in WW2. Except for my two classmates whose fathers were in WW1.

  19. “I don’t read/watch corporate-run news entities”

    You shouldn’t rely solely on the mainstream media. But once you actively shut out the mainstream media, aren’t you pretty much the same as a Sarah Palin fan?

  20. One of my grandfathers was a highly decorated WWII hero too. 
    But luckily your dad, Woody Guthrie, his  guitar, and everybody else’s granddad kicked his ass.

  21. What up hatter? /Sarcasm? Cough.

    EDIT: Apologies for my earlier comment, now removed. It was a sarcastic reply that I believe was taken as serious by a few readers. I have the utmost respect for both BB’s editors and also the OWS movement, as evinced by every other comment I have logged in these threads.

  22. I’m with ya. It’s just hard to tell the real haters from the playful. It does help to close that sarcasm tag, also too, someone just above you was not joking. 

  23. When asked what part of America he liked, the Native American shaman, Rolling Thunder, replied, “The part they stole from us.”

    Little did anyone suspect that one day young Americans would be echoing this same sentiment!

    Sunny Guy

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