Egypt: 33 dead in Tahrir protests, as "Arab Spring" mirrored in bloody Fall

[Video Link, warning: graphic content.] Reuters reports: "Cairo police fought protesters demanding an end to army rule for a third day on Monday and morgue officials said the death toll had risen to 33, with many victims shot in the worst violence since the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak."

Below: Gotta love the cotton candy vendors who are still out there, peddling their fluffy pink wares, even as tear gas and live ammo are deployed against protesters by the military police.

(photographer/source unknown, via @acarvin and @sarahcarr).


    1. Haha flagler you made a funny. Trying to show a difference between Egypt and the US , you actually highlighted the many similarities.

  1. Last February Planet Money had a pretty good podcast on the relationship between Egypts military and the protesters,

    The people in the street want a democratic election where they can pick whoever they want to run the country. But the military, they dont really want a civilian to take its power… The military will not allow them (civilians) any sort of command or control position over themselves.

    – If the protests continue, you imagine Mubarak will go but the system he has come to personify in the minds of the protesters, that’s not going anywhere?
    – Absolutely.

    Also mentioned is this cable which predicts the military’s inevitable fall from power,

  2. My god that’s shocking… I can’t imagine how a person can justify doing that to another person. Sad, sad.

  3. By the way, the cotton candy image kinda doesn’t go with the whole police mercilessly dragging people by their hair and hitting non-responsive and/or dead people lying on the ground in the face. It’s a unicorn chaser that’s one post too close… 

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