Egypt: 33 dead in Tahrir protests, as "Arab Spring" mirrored in bloody Fall


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  1. flagler23 says:

    At least the police didn’t use pepper spray.  Otherwise I’d be tempted to yell “police state!”.

  2. DeargDoom says:

    Last February Planet Money had a pretty good podcast on the relationship between Egypts military and the protesters,

    The people in the street want a democratic election where they can pick whoever they want to run the country. But the military, they dont really want a civilian to take its power… The military will not allow them (civilians) any sort of command or control position over themselves.

    - If the protests continue, you imagine Mubarak will go but the system he has come to personify in the minds of the protesters, that’s not going anywhere?
    - Absolutely.

    Also mentioned is this cable which predicts the military’s inevitable fall from power,

  3. Sick of f*cking A$$holes.

  4. Mister44 says:

    What the hell was a mime doing out there?

    Also – cotton candy is tasty.

  5. mattatlaw says:

    cut-me-own-throat dibbler!  or rather, Al-Jiblah!

  6. Guest says:

    The reports I heard, of APCs driving recklessly THROUGH the crowds… are chilling. 

  7. David Germanico says:

    They have got cotton candy and popcorn. What do you have, UC? What do YOU have?

  8. Radka says:

    My god that’s shocking… I can’t imagine how a person can justify doing that to another person. Sad, sad.

  9. Radka says:

    By the way, the cotton candy image kinda doesn’t go with the whole police mercilessly dragging people by their hair and hitting non-responsive and/or dead people lying on the ground in the face. It’s a unicorn chaser that’s one post too close… 

  10. imag says:

    I hope Occupiers stand in solidarity with the Egyptians, as they did for us.  This is horrifying.

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