Layar augmented reality for MAKE Vol 28 (and how to make your own)


5 Responses to “Layar augmented reality for MAKE Vol 28 (and how to make your own)”

  1. this seems like way too much work just to read a magazine.

    • bardfinn says:

      The point would seem to be something along the lines of pointing your phone’s camera at, say, a glyph on a wall, and it playing a screeching otherworldly howl reminiscent of the deep dread of the collective unconscious of the human race.

      er, I mean, to add more / different information to physical objects without having to print QRcodes on them.

  2. Jeremy Wilson says:

    I once read a short story about a future where everyone had these head pieces that piped music into their ears constantly, and put up augmented reality info in glasses, such as the name of the person you’re talking to and conversation topics.  The device had no off button.

    It goes on into one guy deciding to try turning it off and talking to a girl, and he’s barely coherent, but she’s so impressed by his “going quiet” she’s all over him like a cheap suit.

    That is a future I’m afraid we’re going towards.  

  3. Geoff Mack says:

    This would be a fantastic addition to Rolling Stone. How awesome would it be to be able to actually hear the bands that they are writing about?

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