NYPD press credentialling process: labyrinthine and defeating, by design

Elizabeth Spiers on the laughably complex, self-contradicting series of rules and policies for reporters who want to obtain a press pass to cover OWS. You know, so they won't be beaten by police. "You have to demonstrate coverage as an uncredentialed reporter in order to get credentialed. So the only way to comply with the law is to have previously broken the law repeatedly." That ain't the half of it.


  1. and so here we have a mechanism by which authority can suppress freedom of the Press. 

    Who makes these rules?

  2. Any way for the blogs that host the work of citizen journalists like myself to deputize us as correspondents-in-the-field? That would be awesomesauceome! “Hands off, officer, I’m with . . . the blogosphere!”

    I had an NYPD dismiss me as “another guy from the NY Times, here so he can get more photographs and bring more protesters down here” last Tuesday morning, in the aftermath of the destruction of Liberty Square. I sassed back, telling him that an average NY Times reader would just stay home: that I represented the bloggers, and that we do indeed plan on showing up . . . en masse. Jerk.

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