Brain Rot: Anonymous in "Birthday Blues"



  1. My admiration for this strip is over 9000.
    However, the artist didn’t properly format the “/b/” thing as the slash goes before and after.
    He did still capture the true essence of “/b/rotherhood”.

    1. Isn’t “impotent rage” kind of the theme of OWS?  That people are angry with a system they feel powerless to change?

    1. BoingBoing hates Chrome. Chrome hates BoingBoing. It’s mutual.

      I still use it, because it’s the best browser when I’m not viewing BoingBoing, but BB causes it to slow down and crash constantly. BB is over 9000 times slower than any other website I regularly visit.

      1. It’s not just BB, and this site is hardly the worst offender; there are sites that I have to shut my browser down completely after I visit them. Flash is evil and needs to be stopped.

        1. Sez you. I love Flash. It was my first programming language. More to the point, it’s encapsulated and supports 3oFPS interactivity.

          1.  I’m a Linux noob, so I’ve prolly neglected to install something important, but Ubuntu hates Flash as far as I can tell… FLVs are basically unplayable in FF… and fullscreen brings my box to its knees.

  2. All of your culture is available as memetic fodder. All of my culture is above repute, any attempt to ridicule it or laugh at (y)ourselves will be treated with off hand disdain and contemptuous attacks on your/my character. Your humour attmept will be reviled for it’s political incorrectness. You have been so ordered. (in reply to Timothy, Lobster, EH, SamSam, cymk, moz moz)

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