Breaking: Occupy Lulz/Pepper Spray Cop meme continues to be funny

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The image above: "Casually spraying Crispus", and here's a related Reddit discussion. (thanks, Mike Outmesguine)


  1. It was not easy to find documents relating to this historical incident.  No colour footage could be retrieved, due  the fact that most iPhones still photographed in black&white only (Dago mode).  Historians agree that Hitler much enjoyed the use of military grade capcicine-based chemical weapons against his own non-violent civilian population, as supported by the  smug, satisfied expression and body language evidenced on this picture.  Hitler relied heavily on Goebbels, who was using “FoX News-style-propaganda” to justify his policies. 

    (just made this for y’all, use as you will  =] )

    1. Actually, that’s a better outcome for the Vietnamese guy. I bet he’d make that trade all week and twice on Sunday.

    1. More creative juxtaposition, less obvious jokes. An officer spraying a black man at a drinking water fountain wouldn’t be news 40 years ago. Spraying gandhi, now that’s funny.

      Or how about a slightly larger than life officer pike in front of a tank, spraying the Tienamen Square guy? I have neither the ‘shop nor the skillz.

    1. That’s a relatively minor fear compared to the virtual inevitability that this barnacle will retire (at age 50!) with full pension and benefits,  including health care that pays for all his diabeetus meds,  all funded by taxpayer dollars.   And let’s not forget – those brave kids are taxpayers.

      Maybe this will finally lay rest to the post-9/11 insistence that all LEO are “Heroes”.

      1. Apropos of nothing, this is the 4th or 5th time on boingboing I’ve read someone’s abbreviation of law enforcement officer to “LEO” as “low Earth orbit” or “low Earth orbiter,” out of force of habit. And yes, for about half a second, parts of my brain were wondering why you were ragging on astronauts, who, to be fair, also tend to retire early with good benefits.

    2. “My only fear is that this ass-wipe is probably dumb enough to find all this flattering.”

      Old Mexican saying:  “May your tongue become pork rind!”, meaning “Say it won’t be so”.

      Seriously, the message cannot escape him, this was a sadistic act, exposing the fact with mind-numbing repetition will be infuriating at least, the man has a short fuse, one can surmise from his actions.
      This man has become a pariah, he earned it and he knows it, from the living room couch of his suspension (call it “administrative leave” if you prefer), with a very real possibility of being terminated, as his fate is in the hands of politicians in damage-control mode, and he’s the perpetrator/scapegoat who put himself on a silver platter, his face gone national… nay, global.

      With any justice, he’ll end up as a graveyard-shift rent-a-cop at some god-forsaken shipyard.  Then again, maybe he’s well on his way to becoming a Faux Nooz commentator.

  2. Could it be that the more outrageously unfunny the original picture is, the more funny the shopped ones become? I bet a psychologist would have something to say about that.

  3. Remember when Senate Republicans of the 111th Congress broke the record for the number of filibusters in a session?  Remember how more than 100 times in 11 months they held the very governing of the country hostage, not just some little park?

    Remember all those times when they got pepper sprayed and beaten up by riot police?

    Me neither.

  4. prestige |presˈtēZH, -ˈtēj|nounwidespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality: he experienced a tremendous increase in prestige following his victory.• [ as modifier ] denoting something that arouses such respect or admiration: prestige wines.

  5. The only one of these I really didn’t like was on of the people at the Ohio State tragedy being pepper sprayed by this guy. Still not sure of the point they were trying to make (maybe I’d like it if I got it), but it felt like a belittling of both events.

      1. A new twist on the LOLJesus!  Haven’t seen an original one in a long time, and this one’s a hybrid, no less.

    1. Not only the beer belly, it’s a dancer’s pose. It’s Mr Blonde’s casually cruel choreography in Reservoir Dogs. The silhouette of the fat dancer can do without the distracting military accoutrements. Wayang suffices.

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