Inflatable robots

Saul Griffith, maker hero and MacArthur "Genius," has released video evidence of his latest creations, inflatable robots. So far, Saul and his colleagues at Otherlab, Meka Robotics, and Stanford University have built a 15-foot-long walking robot, called the Ant-Roach (that I've seen Saul's toddler son riding proudly atop) and a robot arm/hand.

The Ant-Roach

Lightweight, low-cost inflatable robotic arm

More detailed info at Hizook!


  1. It’s no flying car, but at least it’s another step closer to an intergalactic proton-powered electrical tentacled advertising droid.

  2. It reminds me of the tachikoma from Ghost in  the Shell. Hopefully it doesn’t have the same overly cute voice.

  3. love that funky robot rhythm…
    click click clicka click clickety click. click click clicka click clickety click…

    1. I didn’t find out about this from your site. But since you asked *so* nicely, I’ve added a link.

      1. Ooops… re-reading my comment, that came off really bad (snarky and in bad taste).  You guys do a bang-up job citing sources; I just wanted to point you to the article.   Next time, I’ll be sure to add an emoticon to indicate that I’m just joshin’ you a bit.  ;-)  No hard feelings. 

  4. Interesting idea. It might need different actuator placement to enable it to walk effectively, though, since the legs aren’t able to lift themselves up more than a couple inches.  Perhaps the torso could swivel to get one leg of each pair to rise up higher?

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